] Winter [ 8 out of 10

// Christine  Parastatidou

It's not a secret, but a fact I'd say that Swedish death metal is considered to be in fashion right now. Many bands pop out playing this way. Some are good, some are bad and some are average. In which category each band belongs to is a matter of taste a, on the other criteria. So, according to me, Fragments Of Unbecoming's music is incredible! Fast and furious melodic death metal with some really catchy riffs. An album that doesn't allow you to rest, not even a bit, from the point you push the play button and on. An album pure dynamite of around 41 minutes total running time, an intro an outro and 10 more songs prove what Fragments Of Unbecoming are capable of doing. What's this? A Swedish death metal attack with references from bands like AT THE GATES, IN FLAMES and some DARK TRANQUILLITY touches, especially in the more melodic parts. The production is crystal clear, heavy and voluminous and the artwork is beautiful, dark and amtospheric. If you are real fans of this branch check them out. If you are not, then this will sound too typical and too ordinary to your ears so you can simply move on..