] Voice Of Reason [


"Skywards" is exactly the outstanding follow-up to their demo-release "Bloodred Tales" that I expected. Those of you who are familiar with their first MCD will know what to expect: Swedish-styled Death Metal with lots of double bass and blast parts and guitar-harmonies that sometimes remind me of Naglfar. I know that these guys are going to nail me to the (inverted?) cross for this, but their influences (namely At The Gates and Unanimated) are quite obvious. But hey, let's be honest: I guess nobody's really expecting a real revolutionary sound in Death Metal these days anymore. Nonetheless Fragments Of Unbecoming offer us some (uncheesy) accoustic interludes that make me quite sure that "Skywards" is going to be one of the best Death Metal releases in 2004. For all those out there who can't get enough of Mid-90s Swedish Death Metal "Skywards" is definitely a must-have!