] Unboundzine [ 4 out of 5

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this, but I had an idea that they played Swedish influenced death metal. Low and behold I was pretty much right. Taking influence from the first few Dark Tranquility albums, Fragments of Unbecoming play metal that is both melodic and technical. It’s not really a style that hasn’t been done before, but the band manages to play with enough energy to make this album worthwhile.
I think one thing that helps these guys stand out a little bit is the use of the blast beat. A lot of Swedish style bands mainly stick to a thrash type tempo and don’t explore the blast beat much. The band has a high energy approach and most of this album does travel at the aforementioned thrash tempo, but like I said they do also use the blast beat. When the band isn’t playing fast, they have a variety of slower melodies and tempos, sometimes even experimenting with acoustic guitar passages. Like I said earlier, it’s not really anything new, but this is still a pretty damned good band.
I think that if I possibly had a complaint, it might be that a lot of the songs tend to start sounding the same. Possibly in the future they need to make some adjustments to the structures to allow for more memorable moments. They are good riff writers, but these songs could have benefited from a chorus once in awhile. But, I guess we also should keep in mind that this is a young band and they still have lots of room to grow.
I really like the layout of this release. It has an interesting color scheme and doesn’t really look like a typical metal album cover. It’s a bit more abstract and doesn’t really give much away about the style of the band.
Like I’ve probably said too much in this review already, these guys aren’t reinventing the wheel. They are however playing energetic death metal that should appeal to fans of the Swedish side of death metal. I’m curious to see where the band goes from here. This is a great start that should earn them quite a few fans within the scene.