] Silent Stagnation [ 6 out of 7


There are just a few new metal bands that offer something special and contrast with all the other bands. One of those bands is Trivium as well as the German Fragments Of Unbecoming! It's hard to combine the old with the new sound but this quartet made it in a very Swedish way. Lashing guitar leads are the main concept of their straight up melodic death sound with audible influences of At The Gates or old In Flames while Fragments Of Unbecoming have enough integrity to offer their very own presentation of old Swedish melodic death metal mixed up with acoustic parts and instrumental interludes. Beside the beautiful guitar melodies they play several blastparts that add more brutality to the songs and it's the right changing between razor-sharp riffs and straight up blasting beats. They are introduced by an instrumental featuring rain and thunder sounds and leads into the first song "The Seventh Sunray Enlights My Pathway" that begins with slow-downed rhythms and harmonic guitars and flows into a blasting melodic death metal piece of beautiful guitar leads and straight up blasts! The acoustic and instrumental interludes like "Mesmerized" or "Lour Pulse" are a nice alternation and loosen the album. One of my favourites is "Fear My Hatred" which combines perfectly melodic death with brutal pieces and slow breakdowns. To this package they've added a great layout and Fragments Of Unbecoming are one of the most talented German band! But these guys aren't unknown they play/ed in bands like Mortified and Venereal Disease.