] Metal Reigns [

// Crusher

After several listens to this killer CD. I have come to the conclusion that metal is more alive than ever. As a guitar player I am very impressed with the monsterous shredding riffs surrounding this album. Fragments Of Unbecoming might be a virtual unknown band, but I doubt that is gonna last very long. Their latest creation, Skywards (A Sylphe's Ascension) is fucking melodic brutality at it's best. I am dumbfounded by how many great bands go unrecognized. This is possibly the best release by Metal Blade thus far this year, and ranks right up there with Cannibal Corpse's The Wretched Spawn in terms of creative musicianship. The band's sound nothing alike but share the same brutal projection. Although I think they lend to the melodic feel of Vehemence in certain passages. Plus they incorporate a slow moshy style to really get the blood churning. Fragments Of Unbecoming has everything you want in an extreme metal band.
The production is also rather good considering they didn't probably have much to work with. The vocal fury captures the essence of the music, and forges a brutal combination. I can't say enough how much I enjoy the guitars on this album. Shredding, brutal, precise, and extremely well executed. It makes me question my own playing and why I even bother when bands like Fragments Of Unbecoming are on the scene. This is not to take away the killer rhythmic fury that is the cornerstone of any good metal band. This album is so impressive I expect to see them in the states touring very soon. Look for them to be well recieved by fan's and critic's alike. Don't look now but melodic death metal has a new face, and it's name is Fragment's Of Unbecoming.
Hearing is believing. This is the album every fan of melodic death metal should have. Whatever you buy this year. Make this one of the albums you get. The perfect blend of brutality and melody that has not been created until now. Behold!! The coming of a new dawn is here and Fragments Of Unbecoming will lead the way.