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Erik W. Beyer

As metal continues to remain a living-breathing animal in the world of music, there will be slow evolution of the actual sound behind metal. However, when you speak with metal-heads you will find that most all of them believe that that is the sound that true metal holds. I personally agree. In an industry where the genre name of Pop-Metal, and Modern-Metal flood the airwaves and convince most of the newer listeners that is how it is, I am pleased to get albums like this one to review and listen to.

Fragments of Unbecoming has laid out a platter of classic metal tones and pulses that drive me to throw my head forward and back flinging what hair I don’t have around. Aside from the critical ear in me finding some sloppy inconsistencies in the beginning, I found this album to be a great delivery. I am also happy for Metal Blade Records to have landed these guys. With their name and sound Fragments of Unbecoming have given us, the listeners, another great classic metal sounding album to keep in our changers and show off to friends.

I am in the habit of giving a favorite track, so here it is: Track 10, “Fear My Hatred”